Pay it Forward Project

Pay it Forward
Pay it Forward

Complete this proposal after:

  1. Researching (6th grade) community, (7th grade) state, or (8th grade) world issues you are interested in
  2. Choosing group members who are: A. interested in the same/similar issue B. other students you can successfully work with

 You must answer all questions/sections in complete sentences.

  •  Each group must copy the linked Google document and share it with each other and their homeroom teacher.

  • Pay it Forward Proposal Form

  •  Name your document Homeroom teacher’s name Group # (Ex. Gregory Group #1)

  •  All sections, with the exception of the individual social studies connection and self-reflection, may be completed with group input.

  •  This information will be transferred to and submitted on a Google Form, due date: 6th - 4/4, 7th/8th - 4/5

  •  DO NOT DELETE any of the questions. You may use a different color ink to type in your answers if that helps.

6th grade Google Form (to be graded)

7th grade Google Form (to be graded)

8th grade Google Form (to be graded)

This Google Form is to be completed individually.

You may use information from your group's Google Doc Proposal Form.

You must independently complete the "Individual Social Studies Connection" and "Self-Reflection" sections.


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